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Xin Futao
Beijing Partner
Bachelor of Business Administration from Beijing Institute of Business Administration. Mr. Xin Futao previously worked as Director of Investment Banking Department of Bank of China, investment Vice President of Huilian Holdings; Partner of First Capital Fund (listed in Hong Kong); he and his team successfully listed VIRSCEND (HK01565), Human Health Holdings Limited (HK01419), Yuhua Education (HK06169) and other institutions in Hong Kong for IPO or underwriting business, the team manages a size of fund exceeds 10 billion Yuan; he committed to capital operations, equity investment and related industries investment banking business and is familiar with capital market operation and domestic and overseas financial systems, he has rich practical experience in private equity, asset securitization, ABS, mergers and acquisitions, and fund operations.
Mr. Li Guang
South China Partner
MBA from Hunan University, previously he worked in key position in China National Nonferrous Metals Import and Export Corporation, Hunan Hefeng Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yueshang Investment Co., Ltd.; currently he works in Shenzhen Qianhai Cairns Asset Management Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Fortune Center as general manager, familiar with industrial business model and capital operation, familiar with financing of listed company and real estate, he has good project sources and capital resources.
Ms. Michelle He
Taiwan Partner
EMBA from University of Southern California Global, Ms. He is currently the general manager of Taiwan Huiye Financial Institution; National Chengchi University China Investment Forum Financial Convener, CDCA Affairs Coordinator of Taiwan Digital Currency Association; Researcher Institute of Taiwan Social Science; Financial Industry Entrepreneurship Judge of Taiwan Primary Construction Promotion Association. She focuses on serving the cross-strait listed companies, Taiwan companies and family financial needs.
Mr. Dai Zhen
Northeast Partner
EMBA from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics; founder and CEO of Chezhubang. Mr. Dai holds a bachelor degree in chemical industry, and he carried out continuous research in the field of new energy during the university. He served as the NPC member of Hexi District in Tianjin, 15 years of management experience in real estate and chain industry; he worked in two listed companies: rightway holdings and Red Star Macalline and participated in the listing process; participated in the Morgan Stanley China commercial merger case, he has extremely business sensitive. Mr. Dai Zhen has a deep experience of “Internet + Industry” and has led the Red Star Macalline Internet Home Project, which is the largest Internet + home project in China with a total investment of several hundred million Yuan.
Mr. Shen Zhihua
Northwest Partner
MBA from Central University of Finance and Economics, International Financial Planner (RFP), CFA, Chairman of Xinjiang Xinshuiyu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Chairman of Xinjiang Puyu Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.

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