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Asia Capital Link Equity (ACL) is an international emerging private equity firm engaged in investment banking business services especially in M&A, PE and FA in China. Headquartered in Beijing China, the company has raised a series of PE funds and managed various finance projects over 5 billion US dollars totally, and provides a wide range of financial services to China-based corporate clients. At present, the business scope of ACL covers crisis management of listed company, M&A, fund and bond issuance and project investment of interested field, and also provides SPAC listing channels for Chinese SMEs overseas.

ACL has a professional and experienced management team consisting of international financial experts from domestic and foreign institutions. ACL’s core team have decades of experience from Fortune 500 companies, are experts in the financial capital markets, and have strong operational capacity both domestically and abroad. At present, ACL has partnerships and platforms established in Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and North America. At the same time, it has a SPAC listed professional operation team and business channels on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAC.

Formerly known as Interlink LLP, ACL was founded by the California Private Real Estate Trust. Shareholders and partners include internationally renowned financial institutions (Milken Institute), Wall Street Research Firms (Alan Stone, Bofa Merrill Lynch). Interlink expanded its business to Asia in the early 2000s, establishing a branch office in Hong Kong, and started its asset management and private equity business. Interlink changed its name to Asia Capital Link Equity in 2008 and Mr. Fan Di (Frank) joined and was appointed as Managing Partner and Chairman. ACL (Beijing) Capital Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is engaged in the Advisory, M&A and Asset Management business in China and abroad.

One of ACL’s key strengths is distressed asset management and strategic corporate restructuring of both listed and private companies. In recent years, China's ever changing economic and political development, ACL has shifted focus to investing in China's high-growth industries in consumer, alternative energy, financial services and TMT. ACL has invested in more than ten companies in mainland China, building upon ACL’s track record of success.

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