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The Ministry of Culture, China Animation Industry Group, Wuhan Municipal Propaganda Department and Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Culture, jointly hosted the “2017 China Network Culture Industry Annual Conference” in Wuhan Conference Center on December 12-13th 2017. On the 13th, Ms. Fu Li, a Partner and Executive Vice President of ACL, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Big IP and Big Finance” at the forum, sharing ACL’s views on the game industry as it related to investment and capital.


Ms. Fu Li proposed the concept of IP and big IP. “We view IP as a tree, something that must be carefully tended to so it can grow and flourish for many years, this is our concept of Big IP. Many of China’s smaller IPs are seen as vegetables and harvested too soon without proper development and without a chance to grow.”


Ms. Fu Li pointed out that as a true industrial investor, ACL hopes to create a sustainable, competitive and long term, big IP. Finance itself must match this idea and investors must be prepared for long-term investments, starting small and actively building out the IP without sacrificing long-term stability for short term growth. Big IP is very strong against risk and periods of financial instability. 

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