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I. Business background

The bonds business is one of the core businesses of ACL. ACL has solid background of bank and non-bank financial institutions, including interbank market and exchange system resources; ACL team has rich experience and expertise in the bond market and business, and has participated creatively in the development of the “One Belt, One Road” bonds, the panda bonds, etc., and the business foundation of ACL is strong.

II. Business positioning

(i) Consultancy: provide financial advisory services, entrusted with the “package” arrangement of the credit bonds issuance, including provides project design and consultation; applying for “green channel”; recommending audit institutions, rating agencies, underwriting agencies; looking for investors; matching overseas projects.

(ii) Cooperative business: promote the establishment of green development funds, poverty alleviation funds, industrial funds, urban development funds, etc., and participate in the management of funds through the integration of industry and finance, investment and finance (Note: Single solution for individual cases).

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