Back>ACL Teamed up with Guangzhou Kuanke to Create a Smart “Nurse” Service Provider


Ms. Tao Siliang, Executive Chairman of the China Association of Mayors meet with Mr. Li Jun, Vice Chairman of ACL friendly on September 5, 2018, and exchanged views on the “Tour Bar” project of Guangzhou Kuanke Co., Ltd.

As a financial advisor of Guangzhou Kekang, Neo Eurasia China Corporation, subsidiary of ACL has been fully committed to providing comprehensive services in terms of capital and market channels expansion, and has established close ties with the China Association of Mayor. The Association said that the business philosophy and operation model of the Kuanke “Tour Bar” project meets the requirements of smart cities and can become part of smart transportation and contribute to build a smart city. Mr. Zhang Huiping, Chairman of Kuanke also said that the company will contribute more to the building of smart cities, and will also take part of the operating income for public welfare and charity.


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