Strategic Consulting Business

Through ACL’s strategic consulting business clients will gain a clear and comprehensive plan for their development goals and a path to achieve them. As a strategic consultant, ACL has a strong track record of providing comprehensive solutions for corporation crisis management, especially in helping publicly listed companies resolve financial issues, avoid operational risks, and ensure the steady development of their underlying business.

Currently, a majority of China’s publicly listed companies are faced with governmental policy pressure to restructure and de-leverage. Most companies have financial difficulties in varying degrees, such as insufficient liquidity due to excessive expansion, unfulfilled contractual obligations, gaps in key projects investment, and business transformation and upgrading for the new economy. Whether the company is asset light or heavy, all of these issues must be carefully considered when restructuring or performing a M&A transaction. If the risks cannot be resolved in a timely manner, it can have a very negative impact on the enterprise, and even push the enterprise towards bankruptcy.

ACL is a master of crisis management for publicly listed companies with a strong track record of distressed asset management. ACL systematically analyzes and evaluates the underlying factors causing asset underperformance before providing feasible solutions to clients in the most timely and effective methods helping companies de-risk, de-leverage and continue to grow. Concurrently, relying on international, multi-disciplinary teams and extensive experience, ACL provides high-quality services for the realization of corporation strategy, and provides professional advice for the development of enterprises according to the specific and unique conditions of each business.

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