M&A and Restructuring

China's capital market has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, there are more than 3,500 companies listed on China’s main stock exchanges. Together with more than 11,000 companies listed on China’s domestic SME exchanges, China has become one of the three largest capital markets in the world. However, with recent structural and strategic policy shifts in China's economic development, the entire industry is undergoing significant upgrades and changes. On one hand, the development momentum of traditional industries has slowed significantly, with little innovation and weak growth, transformation and restructuring of these traditional businesses is urgently needed. On the other hand, the rapid development of the new economy such as the internet, big data, alternative energy, and cutting edge technology has become a crucial component of China’s future growth. It is urgent that the economy re-optimize allocation of resources through horizontal and vertical mergers in order to gain a competitive edge as Chinese companies expand beyond China’s borders. Therefore, we will see a new round of intensive M&A and restructuring in China over the next three to five years.

Macroeconomic structural problems are bound to be reflected in SMEs performance and can be seen with the emergence of problems such as unclear industry directions, slow growth, technical stagnation and poor financial results, all of which will inevitably lead to a series of structural issues and increasing distressed assets. Helping companies navigate these complex issues will require teams with clear understanding of capital markets, Chinese law, regulatory and political issues and extensive experience in managing distressed assets. ACL’s professional management team consisting of leading international financial experts from domestic and foreign institutions is well positioned to assist companies as they adapt to new market conditions. ACL’s  strong operational and execution capabilities in domestic and foreign capital markets alongside deep experience, networks and understanding of China’s market will help domestic companies access new channels for growth. ACL is ready to help strategically transfer companies and optimize underperforming assets to fully realize capital value.

ACL’s M&A and restructuring business focuses on assisting publicly listed companies in two ways. First is analyzing and restructuring the underlying assets of the business via optimization, identifying new business lines, potential M&A candidates and expansion opportunities. In addition, ACL provides comprehensive capital market support and financing for businesses via fund raising, investment and bond issuance to help complete any new business expansion plans or M&A transactions.

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