In recent years, with the restructuring of China's economic policy and development, ACL has shifted to focus on China's high-growth industries and emerging industries, such as the alternative energy, consumer finance, healthcare, TMT, entertainment and the Internet . ACL’s investment business has two aspects:

The first aspect is fund raising and fund placement. ACL has successfully organized and issued several funds related to alternative energy, cleantech, and unicorn project fund. The Alternative Energy Fund and Cleantech Fund focus on investing in companies within China’s alternative energy and environmental protection industries. The unicorn project fund focuses on investing in technology-based innovative enterprises with growth potential in China's emerging markets. The unicorn project fund also participates in strategic investments such as equity swaps and follow on placements.

The second aspect is private equity direct investment. At present, the private equity investment of ACL focuses on the following three sectors:

● Alternative Energy Industry

Focusing on the development of alternative energy projects, services and companies in China, ACL directly participates in the investment and development of new alternative energy projects with emphasis on bringing innovative international technology to China. Concurrently, ACL is also engaged in financing, M&A and consulting services for alternative energy projects.

● Consumer Finance, Internet Related Industry

ACL’s consumer finance and internet sector investments include both early stage venture capital projects as well as growth stage investments in companies with innovative and unique business models. ACL’s dedicated team conducts in-depth research, risk analysis, government policy orientation, channel building, and development strategies to actively assist portfolio companies and help growth in Asia and abroad.

● Healthcare Industry

In China’s latest national economic development plan, the central government vigorously promoted the rapid development and growth of China’s healthcare industry. ACL is committed to investing in China’s emerging health industry,  including subsectors such as immunotherapy, pension management, medical devices, hospital management, etc.

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