Fixed Assets (Bonds)

ACL’s fixed asset business refers to corporate bond issuance including:

One Belt, One Road Bonds

“One Belt, One Road Bonds” are bonds issued by Chinese companies for the construction and implementation of projects associated with China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy. Currently, a subsidiary of ACL, “Beijing Neo Eurasian Corporation of China Ltd.” is the only company authorized by Shanghai Stock Exchange to carry out the “One Belt, One Road Bond” issuances and market expansion.

Panda Bonds

A “Panda Bond” is a Renminbi-denominated bond issued by a non-Chinese company in the People’s Republic of China. ACL successfully helped Rusal complete the issuance of RMB 10 billion of “Panda Bonds” successfully in March 2017. This was the first successful “Panda Bond” issued by Shanghai Stock Exchange. The issuance of the Rusal “Panda Bond” attracted the attention of the top leaders of China and Russia helping setup a precedent for future “Panda Bond” issuances.

Green Bonds

Green Bonds are an emerging financing tool by which bonds are issued specifically for financing or refinancing alternative energy and cleantech project which meet specified conditions. Projects which promote environmentally sustainable development, mitigate and help fight climate change, reduce natural resource depletion, biodiversity conservation, and pollution control are all eligible for Green Bonds.

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