Cooperation Platform


  • Partners of ACL are companies or individuals who have abundant project resources and cooperate with ACL in a variety of ways, including expertise from fund, investment bank, securities, investment adviser and consulting firm and professionals from government agencies or investment and financing industry. They will become business partners of ACL after entering into agreement with ACL.

    ACL has established a partnership management system, which provides partners with a special business contact channel, incorporated into ACL’s business cooperation plan, enabling close collaboration and support.

Business Model

  • Partners provide projects to ACL and after the approval, ACL will leverage its team to fully analyze and execute on a restructuring, financing and operational plan.

    After successful completion, ACL shares profits and upside with its partners after deducting the necessary expenses from the total income.

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Cooperation Platform

  • ACL has an open business cooperation model with integrated thinking, enabling partners and ACL cooperate closely, pool resources, networks and capital to organize and build a successful platform for all parties.

    ACL has professional investment experts and capital operation teams, and extensive experience in project operations and execution. Many of ACL’s partners have excellent projects and assets however lack the operational expertise and professionalism to execute on the ground. After working with ACL, partners were able to leverage ACL’s network and platform to successfully restructure their businesses. In addition, ACL provides partners with new business development opportunities and operational platforms, sharing the benefits and results of ACL’s integrated platform.


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